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YouTube Cutter

Free video to mp3, mp4, gif cutter

Use our YouTube Cutter to cut out your favourite scenes of a video, create funny memes or just share them with your friends.

It's so easy, at first enter the video url into the input field on top of this page. Click the "Next" button once and we check if the url is correct.

If everything is fine, we will ask you for the start time and the end time of your wanted scene. Keep in mind that the start time should be before the end time and also the end time after the start time.

Choose at least one second and a maximum of 15 minutes (900s). Then click again the "Next" button once and we will check if everything is entered correct.

If the start- and end- time is set correct we will ask you for the wanted format. We can convert your scene into the MP3 format, that's for audio only, MP4 format, that's for Video & Audio, GIF, that's an animated image and WebM for mobile videos including audio.

YouTube Cutter and tools of its kind have an important and non infringing use.

Individuals are able to create memes or use it to create best of compilations, which are already established and an important part of the internet.

Companies can use it to cut out scenes for presentations or save informative content for internal or also external use. If they lost their own videos on their disk, they can even backup parts of their videos with our video cutter.

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Now create your first cut and download your first audio or video file.

If you still got any questions, please check out our FAQ or feel free to contact us