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About YouTube audio downloader

The YouTube audio downloader is the perfect tool to download YouTube videos as MP3 audio files. It is literally the perfect platform to share, view and download your favorite videos. Have you ever watched a video again and again because it makes you feel good or you just liked the actor or story of the video. But you are afrait that the video maybe isn't available for long because it might get deleted or banned? Or your web data is limited and you maybe can't visit YouTube audio downloader again to watch the video. So now you can save the particular video for your offline use and you can watch it whenever and wherever you want!

You are now one step closer to save the MP3 audio of your favorite video right to your local device. There is no extra software, app or add-on needed, you can do it just in your web browser, it doesn't matter if you are on a mobile device or a computer. All you have to do is follow these instruction to save/download the video or die audio of a video to your local device to watch it later without an internet connection using the best YouTube audio downloader on the web.

Watch the video on YouTube and copy the URL

At first you need to open your video, which audio you want to download on YouTube. When you opened it up and it starts playing, you need to copy or cut the URL from your browsers address box. You can also focus the address box by pressing the keystrokes CTRL-L, the address bar will directly get focus and the URL is selected. All you need to do now is a rightclick on the selected URL and select Copy or you just press CTRL-c for copy or CTRL-x to cut it out.

Open and paste the YouTube URL

That was easy or not? The next step is not much harder and you will get your goal a step closer.

After you obtained the YouTube video URL, you need to search for on Google or a web search engine of your choice. MP3Juice should be listed on the above results. Click on it and you will reach our homepage. That is the right place for downloading the audio.

You are almost done with the second step just imitate the following: On top of the page you see a big white box, next to it is a search icon. Click into the white box and Enter the url of the video you want to download". You need is to paste the audio url you copied before from YouTube into this text field. After you can see the link to the media file in the white textarea click the search icon next to it and move on to the third and final step.

The download links will be converted

In this step you don't have to do much, the most will be processed in background by our audio converter. It will maybe take some time but you will success and get your download. After you pasted the URL and clicked the button next to the textarea, our trained apes begin their work. It can take up to a few minutes until they extracted the audio line and converted it to mp3. After the conversion finished they generate the final download links for you. You will get multiple media links with different file formats, sizes and quality. All you have to do is select the right one for you.

Before you download the audio, you should check the filesize of it. You can see the exact size below the title or next to each listed quality. Except for the MP4 format, this format doesn't have an exact filesize. After you got the filesize, check if you got enough space left on your current device. If you don't have enough space left it can result in a corrupt audio file.

Click on the download button to start the download. You will be prompted for a folder where to save the file. Choose a folder which you use often for downloads, in most cases you get an extra Download folder as recommendation. Select it and the download starts. It will not take a lot of time. After the download finished you can listen to the audio file wherever and anytime.

Congratulation, you solved your first YouTube audio download! If you like the best YouTube audio downloader, please share us with your friends!