The best way to download MP3 files

Enter the song or artist name

At first you need to start thinking about what you want to search. When you know what to search, try to define it with a few words. It's important that you define your search in the best possible way. So that our search engine can offer you the bset results. Enter your search into the search field on our homepage. You can see the named text field on the image below:

MP3Juice search bar

Choose the sources

Now before you start your search, you need to check the chosen sources. We can search on many platforms and websites, it depends on the popularity of your music file where to find it. Some sources will serve it in a higher quality than others. Click on the cog icon below the search bar and choose your wanted sources. The dark colored sources are activated, you can deactivate or activate it by click on it. You will see the sources settings on the image below:

MP3Juice sources

Start the search

That was easy, now the hardest step: Click the search icon next to the search bar. That's it. The search process starts and our search engine will do the work in background. You will see nothing except a spinning wheel below the search text input.

Your search results are already prepared in background and will be shown as soon all sources had been processed.

Choose the matching MP3 file

You will see a lot of results. The exact number depends on the number of sources you activated, the more sources you activated, the more results you will get.

Scroll down the list and choose your matching song or video. The result you choose should show a download button - click it and wait a few seconds (up to some minutes) until the file is prepared for you.

Listen for the quality

Never download your files before you had listen to it. Some sources will serve files in bad quality, so watch out for the "Play" button next to the generated download links. Click on it and wait a few seconds. The music will start playing in the quality you will download. The audio streams you hear aren't compressed or cutted, so what you get is what you listen to. If there are some noises or scratchings start looking for a better mp3 download result.

Start the download

Now you are nearly finished, you only need two more steps to finish your download. After your mp3 download is prepared for you, you will see the download links. Mostly you will get more then one audio link. All links are differently, they distinguish in quality or format. An "MP4" wouldn't serve you only the audio line, you will also get the video to this format. The MP3 will only serve you the audio line, but you have to choose the quality. We recommend to choose the best quality, unless you have limited web traffic then you can choose a lower one.

Download your file

You are only one click away from your first mp3 download. Before you download your wanted file in the chosen quality and format, check the filesize. You can see it below your results name or next to each download button. Check if your device got enough free space for it, otherway you will ran into an error or the audio file will be corrupt. If there is enough free space on your device, start the download by clicking the "download" button. You will be asked to choose the folder where to save it. Choose a folder on your device where you will find it later.

Congratulation! After your download reached the 100% you can listen to your wanted music or video anytime on any place!


If you still have questions try out the how to video on YouTube: