Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. If your searched topic is not in the list, feel free to contact us directly on our contact page.

What can you do with MP3Juice

MP3Juice is the perfect tool to search for mp3 downloads. Just type your searched filename into the input field on our homepage and start the search.

You can also create a playlist of your files and listen to them with our MP3 Player. The MP3 Player also plays the files when you lock your device, so you can enjoy them over and over again.

How can i contact the team?

There is no special way to contact the team. You need to visit our Contact Form fill out all fields and tell us your issue.

How can i create a takedown request?

Currently there is no special tool for taking down results from our search. You have to use our contact form and send us your takedown request. Please, don't forget to add each result to the message field with the exact title and one result per line. Our team will check your request and if everything is alright we will remove them asap from our search.

How to search for a mp3 file?

We've created an easy guide to use our service. You will find it here: How to download mp3 files. If you still have questions you can contact us via our contact form. We will help you asap.

Why is your search file is not in the results

If your searched file is not in the shown result list, it doesn't mean that you can't find it with our service. At first check which sources you are using. To do so, click on the cog icon next to the "Search" button. You will see a list of usable sources. The darker sources are the ones that are active for you. Choose the sources you want to use for your search and then start searching for your file again. If you still can't find your result, try to redefine your search query and search for it again. Sometimes it's also helpfull to add more words to your searched query.

That's why your search results are not coming up

If the search results are not coming up and the loading animation is not going away, please check your internet connection. In most cases the search results are not coming up because the user lost its connection. If you can browse other sites without any issues, you should try to reload our page and try to search again. If the search still not finish - we are already working on it and you just need to wait a few minutes until you can search for your file.

Which sources can i choose?

You can see the full list of sources by clicking on the cog icon next to the search button. We are still working on new solid sources so the list is still in progress. The hint we can tell you, just check the list from time to time, so you don't miss the best sources for your search.

Btw. If you know a good source to search for mp3 download send us an email by using our contact form. We would love to read from you.

How to choose or add another source to my search?

To switch the sources for your search click the cog icon below the search form. If you can't see any cog icon, please perform a search and try again to find the cog icon. You will find it direcly below the input field and next to the search button. Found it? Then you need to click it and select the sources you want to search on. The selected sources will be darker then the ones you haven't selected.

Why the converter takes so long to convert your wanted video

If the converter takes to long to finish your video or it restarts over and over it can have a lot of reasons.
At first you need to check your internet connection, in some cases the user just have a very bad internet connection. Another reason could be that our server are out of capacity because the requests for conversions are to high at the moment. In that case you just need to wait a bit. Our technicians keep an eye on our server load and will add more power for your conversion asap. In some other cases it's not possible to download your wanted video, so that our server is trying to download it over and over but can't do it. Please apologize these issue and maybe just try to download another similar video.

Why did i get an error on my wanted video?

Sometimes it happen that our servers can't download a video. In that cases we will show you an error message. If you get such error message, please try to choose another search result or just try to download your wanted result in a few minutes again.